Buffy’s Best Potato Salad

Ok, so I didn’t like Potato salad until I met a good friend who makes the best. There are no set amounts and measurements so we are going to wing this one with approximates. The list is short and it’s a quick and easy dish.

5 lbs Peeled Russet Potatoes cut into about half inch cubed and boiled until tender
4-6 hard boiled eggs cut into small bits
3/4 to 1 jar mayo (more or less may be needed)
1-2 Tablespoon Yellow Mustard
REAL bacon bits If you can’t find them, dice and fry 5-7 strips up and drain
about 1/2 cup DILL Pickle chopped fine

Fold it together gently, Adjust amounts in needed. This is enjoyable warm or cold. Easier than pie!!


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